Wedding Tinakilly Country House Hotel – Wicklow

My Special Wedding – A Day to Remember

“A day in April, not any day, a sunny day! It was Simon’s grandmother’s birthday who unfortunately had already passed away. A special day.

We had the perfect venue (Tinakilly House), with the most gorgeous and easy-going staff ever, specially my “fairy god-mother” Kiera Felon, she made me a last minute bouquet, she dried my wet wedding dress, she made things so easy, that I’m thinking in getting married again.

We had an amazing humanist garden ceremony. Yeah, GARDEN CEREMONY!
We had friends and family, loads of them. The best of them.
We had the best Brazilian singer, Nathália Röpke, to show to all the guests the vibe that was suppose to be follow through the day and night. It worked perfectly. She was amazing.
I had Yure Emilio, hairdresser/makeup artist, that was just new in my life, I only met him 4 days before the big day and I’m sure I got a new friend for life, I couldn’t be happier with him.
The band, oh dear, with didn’t have a band, we had The Dionnes. They were absolutely wonderful. The best keep-you-dancing-band-ever and the best DJ as well, he played all the craziest Brazilian songs you can think of.
Whoever knows me and Simon, knows well that we don’t dance, but our special ballerina-choreographer-and-friend Selma Daniel put us in the right direction, well, at least she tried, I think we didn’t embarrassed ourselves too much thanks to Selma.
There is a photo of a cake there, I just want make it clear it was Simon’s cake, not mine. Liz, my special friend made a special cake for Simon, BUT more important she made my beautiful dress and in only one week.
You are going to see a photo of handsome guy in the dancing floor, he is the sweet Gabriel Mueller, the videographer, who I met at the day of the wedding, a last minute decision that I’m sure I will not regret. As soon as I get the video I will share it with you all. Very soon, I hope.
We ordered special glasses for my special bridesmaids, a beautiful work done by “Message on a bottle“, yeah, again a last minute decision and again so happy for the way I was treated.
Did you see the photos? Well, I can’t stop looking at them!!! After photographing few weddings with Sandra Walsh – only now I can fully understand how her brides feel after they open the photo gallery. I love to be behind the camera and I never liked to be the subject, but it was so easy to be surrounded by Sandra Walsh and Gislaine Andrade that I didn’t even notice they were there. The photos say all!!!
We also had a handmade sign by my favorite artist Marie Bailey and a special finger printed tree made my special lerdinha-irmazinha-chatinha Beatriz.
I’m so happy to have to such amazing people in my life. I’m probably forgetting to thank you someone or loads of “someones”, forgive in advancing or just let me know and I can make things right.
It was a beautiful day! By Bride: Edivania Vichi













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