Amazing Woman Portraits in Brazil

Sensuality and Angelicity in Woman photoshoot in Brazil

Amazing Woman Portraits were taken in Cristina’s town – Minas Gerais. 

Gabi talked to me last year with the desire to be photographed by me in Brazil: she d’like amazing woman portraits to keep her youth time forever. For months I talked about it with her, who was very anxious about the day. The first month (December) I was in Brazil on vacation and I just started shooting in January.
Gabi is daughter of a dear old neighbor of mine and I have practically seen her grow up. It was a pleasure for me to photograph Gabi! It was moments filled with laughter and exchange of ideas and if I liked her, today I admire her even more, because she has generous, cheerful and warlike heart.
Talking with Gabi days ago on internet, she told me that was the best days of her life! Wow, you can not imagine how is good to hear that. The photography for me, before being a commercial career, means real contacts with real people and to register a little of soul of my clients,  make me very happy.
I wish, from the bottom of my heart, all the best to her.

The photos were taken in a very comfortable, friendly and wonderful  Hotel Casarão dos Noronha Kauage and in the magical mountains of Cristina Minas Gerais – Brasil, a charming and colonial style town from the 18th century.


“When the wickedness here passed
And sadness made shelter
Light from heaven visited me
And made an abode in me”



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